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Resort Snapshot

Villas: 78
Pools: 1
Activities Center: 1
Waterfront Beach Access: Yes

Galveston Beach Resort | Galveston Beach, TX

Maps and Directions

11743 Termini-San Luis Pass Road
Galveston, TX  77554


Directions from the East Coast

  1. From I-75N., merge onto I-10W (passing through Alabama and Mississippi, then crossing into Louisiana).
  2. Take the I-12W/1-59N exit, EXIT 267A-B, toward Hammond/Baton Rouge/Hattiesburg.
  3. Keep left to take I-12W via EXIT 267B toward Hammond/Baton Rouge.
  4. Merge onto I-10W via the exit on the left toward Baton Rouge (crossing into Texas).
  5. Take EXIT 798 toward TX-146/Mount Belview/Bayton/Dayton.
  6. Stay straight to go onto I-10E/I-10. Continue to follow I-10.
  7. Turn left onto TX-146S.
  8. Take the TX-146S exit.
  9. Stay straight to go onto TX-146 S.
  10. Merge onto TX-146 S.
  11. Merge onto I-45 S.
  12. Take EXIT 1A toward 61st St/West Beach/TX-342-SPUR/Municipal Airport.
  13. Stay straight to go on Broadway St.
  14. Turn right onto 61st St/TX-342-SPUR S.
  15. Turn slight right onto Seawall Blvd/FM-3005 W. Continue to follow FM-3005W.
  16. Make a U-turn at 7-1/2 Mile Road onto San Luis Pass Rd/Termini Rd/FM-3005 E.
  17. Resort will be on the right.